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A lawyer is a profession that offers someone plenty of opportunities to give back by volunteer work or providing some type of free legal assistance. Lawyers can find general opportunities with information about the pro bono programs that are available in any city or state by looking up their local or state bar association, legal aid service providers in their community with pro bono programs, and the American Bar Association’s Volunteer Legal Project program.

Another great way that lawyers can give back is by targeting certain populations that are really in need of legal assistance and contacting the appropriate helpful agencies. Those agencies include places like the ABA’s Immigrant Child Advocacy Network which sets up pro bono lawyers with immigrant children in America who are minors, places that can get lawyers connected with organizations, people, and businesses that have been affected by certain disasters like hurricanes and are in need of legal assistance, and military programs that provide pro bono legal services to veterans and active-duty members of the military.

There are also several international opportunities available for lawyers that want to help others including providing pro bono legal assistance all over the world and remotely with the ABA Justice Defenders Program, providing different legal services and research to others with the ABA-UNDP International Legal Resource Center, providing free legal assistance to the international organization for human rights called the Center for Justice and Accountability, working with the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice. 

Lawyers can also give back by providing legal assistance to families all over the world that need help finding missing family members with the International Federation of Family Associations of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts, volunteering at the International Senior Lawyers Project, and providing pro bono assistance to the non-government center that internationally protects and promotes rights for people with mental health problems called the Mental Disability Advocacy Center.

There are also several opportunities for lawyers that want to help to volunteer online by providing free legal service in the form of answer questions and giving advice virtually through the ABA Free Legal Answers advice clinic, getting involved with cases that the ABA Military Pro Bono Project has accepted, and submitting their information to the Florida Pro Bono Matters organization to be contacted about volunteer lawyer assistance opportunities.